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Competences & Certifying

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We are certified to carry out almost all welding works.

SBS focused since a long time on quality and work environment. Today we can offer professional and high standard quality products and services.

Our personal has the following educations:

  • Hot work incl. roof work
  • SSG education
  • SSG Chemicals
  • Lifting & Fall PPE education
  • Scaffolding building education
  • Overhead crane education
  • Truck driver education
  • Power shovel education
  • Lifting crane education (over 18T/metre)
  • Road works
  • HLR
  • Welding procedures
  • IWS- International Welding Specialist
  • TR-Steel/K Responsible personal to lead and control highly complicated steel constructions work (such as steel bridges, overhead crane beams, steel chimneys)
  • SS-EN 1090-2 (Standard for performing and controlling of steel constructions)
  • ISO 3834-2:2005 (Loadbearing components in steel and pressure vessels)

Working environment
The company constantly aims at a good working environment with modern machinery and PPE according to the latest safety standards and the standards from our customers.