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Steam Boiler Service AB was founded in the year 1969, at that time focused on service of steam boilers.

2004 the Claesson brothers took over the company and developed it into a broad spectrum company with high competences.
The steam boiler service still exists and has been branched out with welding, smithing and manufacturing of steel constructions to e.g. the process industry, laundries, butcheries, transport industries etc.

2006 a new workshop was built in Varberg and the company residence moved to Varberg.

Together with the building of the new workshop, SBS invested in new modern machinery like a folding press, shears and saws that are able to deliver high precision performances.
Today we work a lot for large industries, municipalities etc.

2008 SBS invests SEK 3,5M in a new truck crane as a complementation for their own assembly jobs and for the transport of boilers, platforms etc.

2009 SBS invests SEK 1,5M in a new water jet cutter as a support to our own manufacturing.

2011 SBS invests SEK 1,5M in a used truck crane due to increased inquiries.

2012 SBS buys Landson Lastvagnar AB, the name changed into SBS Steam Boiler Service Maskin i Borås AB. This company is now the home base for the truck cranes.

2013 SBS invests SEK 3M to exchange the old truck crane into a newer one with a larger capacity (95T/metre)

2013 SBS buys Tyrab Energi & Miljö AB. We are now able to offer our customers a complete stabile and professional contractor’s concept.

2014 SBS sells Landson Lastvagnar AB

2014 SBS sells it two truck cranes to Gundals Åkeri with whom we have a cooperation.

Rental and Service of Steam & Hot water boilers are a significant part of our work.
It always has been our target to offer our customers a total solution for their energy-needs and we can do that now!

Mechanical workshop
We are able to give you quotes for bending, water jet cutting, cutting and shearing of the most items, big or small. We even supply special made products according to the customer’s wishes. In our spacious workshop, equipped with an overhead crane we are able to take care of high voluminous objects.