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We at SBS carry out all kinds of repairs on steam boilers, hot water boilers and heating boilers.
An example on a repair is the re-tubing / exchange of the boiler tubes. With a special tool we mill out the old tubes and replace them with new ones.
The new tubes are pressed into the boiler with a special tool and then welded onto the boiler walls.
SBS has the required competences according to PED (Pressure vessel directive AFS 1999:4) to perform this kind of work.
SBS perform re-tubing work on all kinds of boilers.

Repairs of cracks, welding of new man holes / inspection holes, renovation /replacement of view glasses etc. are very common work orders for us.
During the years we re-tubed a few hundred of steam boilers, heating boilers and even about 20 steam powered (mobile) locomotives and steam boats.

We supply all kinds of services and assembly on steam boilers, industrial ovens, peripheral equipment as well as all other kinds of installations and equipment.